We all have been looking for someone who could infuse the honesty of hip-hop’s essence with an up to date flow and delivery coming out the south right? Well meet the Nashville, TN lyricist K-DA. Born in Pontiac, MI in ’87, K-DA or Kenny Dwayne Adams was moved to Nashville, TN in ’91 where his mother raised 4 kids on her own. The struggle was real for his mother but she never showed that to K-DA his brothers or sister. At an early age K-DA fell I love with music and began to create songs, freestyling, and battling older kids. Being influenced by a variety of artists gave him a diverse approach to his music.

By the time he graduated high school   he was still heavy into sports even earning a football scholarship and was doing music as a hobby all the while still getting better. After one year of school K-DA left college to provide for his newborn son which led him back to the music for good. Since then he has worked alongside some of the greats in hip-hop history and performed at numerous festivals including SXSW and A3C multiple times. As an independent artists K-DA doesn’t look for handouts he goes and gets it. With six official projects out since 2011 (4 solo) he has stayed consistent without over saturating the scene. His latest project (SAMPLE MY SOUL: UNPOPULAR CLASSICK 2) speaks volumes to where he can take hip-hop. Also, his new single “Made A Vow” is held to high regard due to the honest nature and relate-able subject of the song. K-DA for president.

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