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10 thoughts on “On-Air

  1. Rj Williams says:

    Yo fam it’s ya cousin Rj it was pretty cool listen to my family on the radio

    1. Rj Williams says:

      Love listen to the best station Dj wrightful keep doing ya thang

  2. BZ BOS says:

    Dope show! Wrightful shook it with the playlist. Jarvis did his thing hosting the Kool Laid special keeping a steady flow. I was blessed to be the first artist to pop it off. #Salute

  3. Moss says:

    Keep em comin fam. Thanks for the platform

    1. Tomika R GRiffin-Ames says:

      MossTheBeats is dat one…biggest fan…the world is your oyster…now everyone will know the truth…cuz you are that..one luv…

  4. Best Station in the City

    1. DJ Wrightful says:


  5. Paige Copas says:

    I love it!!! Good job guys!!

    1. DJ Wrightful says:

      Thank you!!! That’s what motivates us to continue going.

  6. DJ BIG RED says:

    In Tuned With My Bro Dj Wrightful!!

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